JCM: My reading is EPA’s new position on Samsung’s washing machine has little to do with the alleged "nanoness" of the silver ion particles released by the machine. Rather, EPA is focused on the claimed antimicrobial properties of the material. Whether or not the silver ions are truly "nano" is not determinative. Under EPA’s current thinking they would still be subject to FIFRA even if they were/are "full sized." Further, EPA has not even determined whether or not the washing machine truly uses nanotechnology, and has stated that such a finding is unnecessary for its ruling. Finally, EPA has made it clear that it evaluates all products on a case-by-case basis, and appears reluctant to make a categorical statement about all products containing nano-silver. Thus, while EPA’s upcoming notice to be published in the Federal Register will be of great interest, my guess is that it will not use the Samsung issue as a reason for treating nanomaterials any differently from the way it treats other microbial killing materials.