After reading Virginia’s twin nanotechnology bills, we searched and located the below-listed statutory definitions of "nanotechnology."

Arkansas: “‘Nanotechnology’ means the materials and systems whose structures and components exhibit novel and significantly improved physical, chemical, and biological properties, phenomena, and processes due to their nanoscale size.”  A.C.A. §15-4-2103(5); and

Oklahoma:  “‘Nanotechnology‘ means technology development at the molecular range (1 nm to 100 nm) to create and use structures, and systems, that have novel properties because of their small size.”   74 Okl St. Ann. §5060.4(12).

Additionally, Michigan uses the term in the following statute:

Michigan:  “’Advanced automotive manufacturing, and materials technology’ means any technology that involves /or more of the following . . . “nanotechnology, including materials, devices, or systems at the atomic, molecular, or macromolecular level with a scale measured in nanometers.”  M.C.L.A. 206.30 -125.2088a.

And don’t forget about Berkeley’s recent ordinance which contains the following language:

"All manufactured nanoparticles defined as a particle with one axis less than 100 nanometers in length . . "