A recent editor’s memo in the February 1, 2007 edition of Biomechanics criticized the National Nanotechnology Initiative’s (“NNI”) level of attention to environmental, health and safety issues.  The publication states: “while some of the government’s actions have been admirable, the overall attitude – epitomized by a lack of long-term planning and goals, lack of oversight and hands-off approach – smacks of the present administration, and will leave yet another problem for the next one.”

JCM: I disagree with the strong political overtones of the editor. The NNI is dealing with very complex issues – ones that are getting more and more complex every day. Additionally, let’s not forget the NNI was created by a prior administration and no one ever envisioned it as an immediate fix for all perceived nano-ills. Further, one would hope such heavy criticism would be accompanied by at least a smattering of remedial suggestions.