A recent article in Mass High Tech magazine discusses the City of Cambridge’s efforts to implement its own nanotechnology hazardous materials ordinance in response to Berkeley, California’s efforts last December.  Although there are some inaccuracies in the article (for example I am aware of no protests related to nanotechnology in Cambridge) the gist of the article is accurate.  The City has formed an advisory panel which is going to meet for the next six months before making a recomendation to the City on whether or not to ennact a nanordinance and, if so, what it should look like.  Because of the unique scientific and legal resources being applied to this process in Cambridge,  the results of the advisory board process may end up being replicated on local and state(possibly federal) levels across the country.  We have worked very hard to secure a spot on the City’s advisory panel and to open a candid and direct dialogue with the City and its Director of Environmental Health to ensure adequate industry representation in this process.  Please feel free to call or email us if you are interested in joining our industry coalition or if you would like additional information.