Yesterday’s Science Letter reports about SafeSmart’s new antimicrobial necktie which is designed to reduce “the speed of infectious disease and foodborne illnesses in healthcare, hospitality and food service settings.” Although not initially instinctive, contaminated neckties evidently pose a significant risk of infection in certain settings. For example, the article points to a 2004 presentation at an American Society for Microbiology conference in which the speaker explained “doctors’ neckties were eight times more likely to carry bacteria and spread infections than ties worn by hospital workers who did not have contact with patients.” SmartSafe’s website does not indicate the specific antimicrobial nanoparticles used to coat the neckties. However, SmartSafe claims cytotoxicity testing has shown its neckties to be 100% safe. The silk ties come in 24 different patterns including solids, stripes, and “practical patterns.” SafeSmart can also custom make the ties with your company logo. There is no mention on SmartSafe’s website as to whether the company has attempted to register the product with EPA under FIFRA. (See prior posts here, here, here, here, and here).