Nanowerk News is reporting that Representative Mike Honda (D-San Jose) introduced HR 3235, the Nanotechnology Advancement and New Opportunities (NANO) Act.  The legislation is to "promote the development and responsible stewardship of nanotechnology in the United States."  Representative Honda drew on the report, "Thinking Big About Thinking Small"  when drafting the legislation for Congressional consideration.

The Act is designed to address the health and safety concerns surrounding nanotechnology.  Said Representative Honda, "The NANO Act requires the development of a nanotechnology research strategy that establishes research priorities for the federal government and industry that will ensure the development and responsible stewardship of nanotechnology."

HR 3235 was assigned to four House committees: the Committees on Science and Technology, Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Homeland Security.  If it receives House approval, the Senate would then have to approve the language for it to become law.

If enacted, the Bill would:

  1. create a public-private investment partnership to address nanotechnology commercialization and related issues;
  2. create tax credits to encourage investment in nanotechnology companies, training, and education programs;
  3. create grant programs to spur development of "nanotechnology incubators," encourage nanotechnology research for environmental, energy, homeland security, and health programs, and spur development of interdisciplinary nanotechnology courses at colleges and universities;
  4. establish the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center;
  5. direct the National Science Foundation to work with manufacturers to partner with occupational training centers to promote training programs for workers in the nanotechnology manufacturing industry; and
  6. call for the development of a strategy that increases the interaction between the Department of Energy’s national laboratories and private research labs.