In the ever growing world of nanotechnology information and research, and new system was launched earlier this week.  SAFENANO is attempting to become "the UK’s premier resource on nanotechnology hazard and risk."  It is managed by the United Kingdom’s Institute for Occupational Medicine located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

SAFENANO will serve as a clearinghouse for "collecting, interpreting, and disseminating the emerging scientific issues on nanotechnology," and will feature "the latest scientific research, information about good practice, standards, news, events, and articles from leading opinion formers in industry, government and academia in the UK and world wide. It includes a regular bulletin service, comprehensive database of relevant publications, and a community site where users can share information about common challenges and their solutions on a global basis."

SAFENANO’s ultimate goal is to provide unbiased information to help with the "safe and responsible development" and commercialization of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials.

While still new to the arena, increased, and easily accessible, information on nanotechnology developments is a worthwhile venture. A quick look at SAFENANO’s website shows they are watching all facets of nanotechnology developments worldwide, and could easily serve as a central information point once fully developed. This is a site worth keeping an eye on.