The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars released the results of an August 2007 awareness poll conducted by Peter D. Hart Research regarding public knowledge of potential EHS risks associated with the use of certain nanoscale materials in some applications. Fifty-one percent of the 1,014 respondents were unwilling/unable to judge whether nanotechnology’s potential benefits outweigh its potential EHS risks. Eighteen percent said the benefits are likely to exceed potential risks, while only six percent believe the opposite. Interestingly, forty-four percent had a fair or great deal of confidence that businesses would be able to maximize the benefits of nanotechnology while minimizing potential risks.  The survey also inquired regarding foods and food packaging containing nanoscale materials. Most respondents said they needed more information before deciding whether or not they would accept food packaging containing nanoscale materials, while only seven percent said they would currently purchase food "enhanced" with nanotechnology.

We look for nano-food packaging to become the "nano-sunscreen" issue of 2008-2009.