Back in December 2006, we first reported that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) planned to publish a guidance document recommending medical monitoring for workers potentially exposed to engineered nanoscale materials in the workplace.  A NIOSH representative at nanoTX ’07 this week indicated NIOSH finally intends to publish a ten-page guidance document on this issue in the form of a "Current Intelligence Bulletin" within the next month. The publication will be followed by a comment period and a public meeting in early 2008 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Those waiting for NIOSH to recommend comprehensive medical monitoring programs for the workplace, however, will be disappointed. NIOSH believes there is insufficient evidence at this time to recommend medical monitoring based solely on exposure to nanoparticles. NIOSH indicated that its position on this issue may change as warranted by future scientific developments.  We will publish a complete report on the guidance document when it comes out next month.  Stay tuned.