Despite the "alphabet soup" PPG Industries announced today that it will participate in EPA’s "basic program" for the Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program.  PPG will "voluntarily report available information on engineered nanoscale materials it manufactures, imports or uses. These data include information on material characterization, hazard, use, potential exposures and risk-management practices."

In its commitment letter to US EPA, PPG stated that "early and active industry participation in the NMSP can help ensure the responsible development, use and acceptance of nanoscale materials in the marketplace."  PPG uses nanomaterials and conducts nanotechnology research as part of its product development process associated with glass and composites, such as films and reflective materials.

PPG is just the latest company to join the NMSP, following DuPont’s lead.  Indications are that if companies continue to join the NMSP then it will remain a voluntary program.  However, EPA has stated that it will consider making the reporting obligations mandatory should the program not develop adequately under the voluntary make-up.