The U.S. Chamber of Commerce hosted a "Forum Discussion on EPA’s Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program" yesterday here in Washington, D.C.  The forum was co-sponsored by the NanoBusiness Alliance, American Chemistry Council, United States Council for International Businesses, and the Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association.  The purpose of the forum was to reach out to nanomanufacturers and their trade organizations to encourage their participation in EPA’s new voluntary NMSP.  Speakers included Tom Myers from the Chamber, Jim Gulliford from EPA, Bill Gulledge from the American Chemistry Council, Sean Murdock from the NanoBusiness Alliance, and Shaun Clancy from Evonik Degussa.  Mr. Gulliford did an excellent job explaining both the structure and importance of EPA’s NMSP.  (Previously covered here).  He indicated that two companies have already made NMSP submissions: (i) DuPont and (ii) 2PI, and that ten others have provided letters of intent to participate: (i) BASF; (ii) Bayer; (iii) Dow; (iv) Evonik; (v) GE; (vi) Nanocyl; (vii) Nanophase; (viii) PPG; (ix) Sasol North America; and (x) Strem ChemicalArizona State University has also submitted a letter of intent.  Finally, Mr. Gulliford indicated EPA is pleased with the initial response to its NMSP and that the success of the program will be assessed on the quality and breadth of data submitted by participants, not simply the number of submissions filed.