The acting Secretary of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics for the Department of Defense recently circulated an internal DoD memorandum reminding military science and technology managers, acquisition program managers, and EHS professionals about the possible EHS risks accompanying the use of some nanoscale materials in certain settings.  Although the Secretary acknowledged that insufficient science exists to draw any broad conclusions about nano-related EHS issues, he advised recipients to "exercise due diligence" when working with or acquiring nanoscale materials.  The memorandum also directs recipients to support EHS "research to close information gaps in developmental efforts using nanomaterials," and to ensure that EHS "hazards are identified and the associated risks managed pursuant" to existing military standards and DoD policy requirements.  Finally, recipients were also directed to "maintain current knowledge of [the EHS] risks for engineered nanomaterials" and follow relevant standard military risk management options when using nanoscale materials.  Source: Inside Defense Newsstand.