The International Council on Nanotechnology (ICON) just released its newest project/tool, the Nano-EHS Database Analysis Tool.  To quote ICON, "This web tool allows you to obtain a quick and thorough synopsis of our Environment, Health and Safety Database using two types of analysis. The first is a Simple Distribution Analysis (pie chart) which compares categories within a specified time range. The second type is a Time Progressive Distribution Analysis (histogram) which compares categories over a specified overall time range and data grouping period."  The report will generate data in pdf or xls format as well as a report on available publications based on search categories, such as material studied, target receptors, and type of publication.

While the Tool only tracks ICON’s database, it will likely become a valuable resource for literature searches.  With the increased importance of regulatory schemes such as TSCA registrations, literature reviews will become more critical, even to smaller operations.  ICON’s Tool will assist those entities, and others seeking wide ranging topics addressing nanotechnology or nanomaterials.