Updating yesterday’s information that Canada anticipates enacting national regulation concerning the reporting and tracking of nanomaterials, there is some additional confirmation.  CBC News is similarly reporting that Environment Canada anticipates enacting a national reporting regulation next month.  While Environment Canada is not commenting directly on the news, CBC states, "Department officials said the plan is to send out a notice that requires companies and institutions that used more than one kilogram of nanomaterials in 2008 to provide information to the government."  The release also indicates that Environment Canada has been "negotiating with private industry" for over year concerning nanotechnology regulation in Canada.

Interestingly, the primary resource for this latest release continues to be the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, who has since removed its original posting on this same news (as of this post). This latest article gives more, and more specific, information concerning the potential regulation by Canada, but I still find it odd that agency in charge of this regulation, Environment Canada, is not making any direct statements on the issue. But see another statement of note from the article, "Officials said this request for information under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act does not require companies to submit information beyond 2008. However, Ottawa could make similar requests for such information in the future." Who the "officials" are remains unknown, but we seem to be getting closer to the regulatory action becoming reality.