Rep. Michael Honda (D- CA) published an op ed piece in the San Jone Mercury News yesterday focusing on his bill HR 820, introduced in the House on 02/03/2009, and on his support for Rep. Gordon’s  (D- TN) bill, HR 554, which has passed the House and had been refered to the Senate. Rep. Honda’s op ed also focuses on the potential benefits of nanotechnology, ranging from improved transportation to helping to clean the environment. Rep. Honda reminds readers that his bill calls for a public-private partnership between the Federal Government and private industry to establish guidelines for responsible development.  Rep. Honda’s op ed may be read at Congressional Research Service Summaries of HR 820 and HR 554 are available at|/bss/111search.html| and|/bss/111search.html|. Printer friendly texts of the two bills are available at and