We’ve mentioned Luca Escoffier on this forum before, and he’s even done a guest post previously.  Well, now he needs YOUR help.  He’s in the process of accumulating data for his thesis addressing nanomedicine patents, and would appreciate assistance with a survey.  His message is:

"Luca Escoffier is a visiting scholar at the University of Washington School of Law. He specializes in intellectual property and he has recently posted a questionnaire for his thesis on the patenting and evaluation of nanotech innovations with a specific focus on medical applications.

All those interested in filling in the questionnaire can find the on-line version at:




The second part of the questionnaire is fundamental (i.e. question 10) as it is where the authorization to use your answers is required.

For further info you can contact him at: lucae@u.washington.edu.”

He thanks your for your support.