The International Association of Nanotechnology (IANT), a non-profit organization established with the goals of fostering research and business development in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, is sponsoring a talk and discussion on "Nanosafety in Uncertain Times"  on October 21, from 5:30PM -7:30 PM in San Jose California. The featured speaker will be John Monica Jr, a partner in Porter Wright Morris & Arthur’s DC office. The focus of the evening’s talk will be on AB-289, passed by the California State legislature during the 2005-2006 session and chaptered as Chapter 699. Chapter 699 added sections 57018, 57019, and 57020 to California’s Health and Safety Code. While the talk and discussion are geared towards the CEOs, risk management personnel, compliance officers and safety officers of nanotech companies, anyone who wants to find out more about nanotech regulation is welcome to attend.  To register for this event, please go here.