According to a recent article in London’s Daily Mail, Swiss police, during a routine traffic stop, prevented what the Daily Mail and The Register, another British news site, describe as an "Eco-terrorist" attack on IBM’s nanotech HQ near Zurich.

During a search of a car occupied by Constantino Ragusa, Silvia Guerini, and Luca Bernasconi, Swiss police discovered a "primed explosive device", along with a "large quantity of explosives". The three are described as being members of an Italian eco-anarchist group, Il Silvestri, which is opposed to "all forms of micro-technology" , nuclear power and nuclear weapons. Members of the group have been linked to other "eco-terrorist" attacks. Il Silvestri is "considered to be one of the rising terror groups in Europe" and has been accused of having links to other violent eco-anarchist groups in Europe and is also considered to be a successor of the Red Brigades.

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office is continuing the investigation.