The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (“OSTP”) and STCI has established the National Nanotechnology Initiative Strategy Portal (“NNI Strategy Portal” or “Portal”), an online interactive program designed to facilitate public responses to specific questions posed by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (“NNI”), a multi-agency Federal research and development initiative created to promote nanotechnology innovation. The NNI will publish the new Strategic Plan in December 2010, outlining priorities and objectives for the next 5-10 years, and focusing on:


1.      Advancing a world-class nanotechnology research and development plan;

2.      Fostering the transfer of new technologies into products for commercial and public benefit;

3.      Developing and sustaining educational resources, a skilled workforce, and the supporting infrastructure and tools to advance nanotechnology;

4.      Supporting responsible development of nanotechnology.


The NNI believes the Portal may be helpful to its mission to improve the NNI Strategic Plan by providing a mechanism to reach out to the nanotechnology stakeholder community for specific input. The Portal, which is a Web 2.0 application, will allow users to review responses and rate fellow members, network and connect with other members, earn points for participating, and post their responses to questions and indicate one or more of the four overarching NNI goals to which the response applies. The portal will only be open for comment on the Strategic Plan themes from July 13 – August 15 and can be accessed at: