On June 19, Porter Wright launches its four-part seminar series covering technology topics at the forefront of today’s businesses. Technology Law Source will continue to cover these topics in future blog posts, including navigating through U.S. and international laws, regulations and standards.

The seminar series comprises:

Social Media in the Law: Learn It and Use It, or Get Out of the Way
June 19
Social media has forever altered how we share and collect information about friends and colleagues as well as people outside our professional or personal circles. And this sea change hasn’t applied solely to our personal lives — businesses have been in the mix almost since day one. But have business leaders considered the ramifications of their companies’ social media activity? Porter Wright attorneys Sara Jodka, Colleen Marshall, and Erin Siegfried discuss workplace social media policies that conform with recent NLRB decisions, conducting legally sound social media background checks, termination based on social media activity, ownership of social media content, duty to preserve, and the potential dangers of conducting fair disclosure through social media.

Cloud Computing and Outsourcing in the U.S. and Across Borders
July 17
Everyone seems to be moving to the cloud. But before you jump on the bandwagon, do your homework. Your company’s information is one of your most valuable assets — keep it safe. Speakers will discuss analyzing the business case for cloud computing, conducting a thorough risk assessment, developing and implementing a cloud strategy, negotiating key contract provisions, fulfilling e-discovery requirements, and ensuring your business is able to gain direct access your data when you need it.

Thinking Through BYOD
Aug. 21
Business are addressing the risks posed by mobile devices in the workplace. Is BYOD the answer? Numerous businesses subscribe to a “bring your own device” methodology, but there are many issues to work through. Speakers will address employer vs. employee concerns associated with personal mobile devices in the workplace, costs and benefits of BYOD vs. COPE workplace environments, data management and security challenges, and technical and administrative strategies for addressing the challenges.

Corporate Data Security: Vulnerabilities and Proactive Practices
Sept. 18
Cyber attacks and data breaches, now reported daily, cause loss of reputation and costly penalties to businesses. Presenters will identify current attacks, defense strategies, and best (and worst) practices for corporate data. Presenters also will explain penalties for failing to report data breach and how to create protectable forensic reports.

If you’d like to learn more about our upcoming seminar series, contact Porter Wright.