If manufacturing or selling goods in China is part of your current or future business strategy, it is not too early to ensure protection of your intellectual property in China. On May 8, Porter Wright is holding half-day seminar titled Strategies for protecting IP rights in China to discuss U.S. businesses’ experiences as they enter the Chinese market. During this in-person event taking place in Columbus, Ohio, business leaders have the rare opportunity to gain insights directly from Beijing-based IP attorneys. Skilled IP practitioners from the U.S. and China will discuss real-world scenarios and strategies about how businesses can ensure their intellectual property is protected. Topics are:

Wu-smallObtaining patent protection and challenging patent
validity in China

Get an overview of the types of patent protection available in China, and how U.S. businesses can leverage these patents to protect their new technologies and products. If a Chinese business or other Chinese patent owner makes an accusation of patent infringement, also understand procedures that can be taken to invalidate a Chinese patent.
Speaker: Gary Wu, Kangxin Partners

Liles-J Web 2007Preventing unauthorized importation of your products
from China

Sometimes, regardless of efforts to protect your company’s IP, it happens: A rogue manufacturer or other party copies the product you are manufacturing in China and starts selling it in the U.S. (and elsewhere). Learn what steps you can take to minimize risk, pursue legal options, decommission unlawful operations and maintain the value of your intellectual property.
Speaker: Jim Liles, Porter Wright

Li-croppedDeveloping your business based on the Chinese IP rotection system
U.S. entities operating in China can enhance business outcomes by building their knowledge of the Chinese IP protection system as it applies to trademarks, copyright and domain names. Hear about several critical IP issues to consider, including the best ways to protect and enforce IP rights in China. Also learn about the recently implemented Chinese intellectual property courts.
Speaker: Celia Li, Kangxin Partners

The realities of doing business in China — experience and lessons learned
During this informal roundtable, panelists will discuss real-world challenges and surprises that occurred when U.S.-based companies began manufacturing and/or selling product in China. Find out how they resolved problems and implemented successful business plans. In addition, attendees are welcome to ask questions specific to their own scenarios. 
Panelists: Celia Li and Gary Wu, Kangxin Partners; Martin Miller, Robert Morgan and Donna Ruscitti, Porter Wright
Moderator: Melanie Martin-Jones, Porter Wright

For more information about the Strategies for protecting IP rights in China seminar, contact Porter Wright. Please note that space is limited; registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.