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Another sunrise, another new beginning. New gTLDs delegated and set to launch; are you ready?

New to the delegation pool ICANN delegates new gTLDs daily, which keeps trademark owners on their toes. Since our last blog article, new gTLD delegations include: .gop .ryukya .yokohama .rest .saarland .consulting .vodka .haus .cooking .moe .rodeo .country .商城(xn--czru2d) – Chinese for “mall” .horse .fishing .vegas .miami .archi .black .ren .meet .sohu The most recent … Continue Reading

“You, you, and you: Panic. The rest of you: Come with me.” – It’s time for trademark owners to arm themselves against the dot’s new friends.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced this week at ICANN 49 Singapore that the number of new generic top levels domains (gTLDs) that have been “delegated” — i.e., designated as ready for launch — now tops 175. Recently delegated gTLDs include: .london  .nyc .cologne  .trade  . 世界 (Chinese for “world/shijie”)  .bid … Continue Reading

Dawn of a new Internet — mechanisms to protect your brand

Many people have not yet heard or may not understand, but the Internet will expand vastly and quickly beyond the familiar .com, .org, and .edu top level domain names. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched an initiative in 2008 to enable the introduction of new generic topic level domains (gTLDs). The … Continue Reading