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Nano TiO2 Cigarette Filters. Bad Idea?

The May 3, 2011 edition of Chemistry World carried an interesting article by James Urqhart — Titanate cigarette filter — regarding several Chinese researchers who have developed a cigarette filter which employs nanoscale TiO2 which supposedly filters out harmful tobacco smoke constituents.  One of the researchers claims that "[a] great range of harmful compounds including … Continue Reading

Sweating the Small Stuff

Earlier this month, the Reuters news service (now part of Thomson Reuters) carried an article by Richard A. Liroff, "Nanomaterials: Why Your Company Should Sweat the Small Stuff", primarily aimed at management executives at companies using or contemplating using nanomaterials in their products or manufacturing processes. Noting that nanomaterials present "the potential to yield extraordinary health, … Continue Reading

Spheres of Influence

The April issue of Environmental Health Perspectives carried an interesting article by Charles W. Schmidt,  "Nanotechnology Related Environment, Health, and Safety Research: Examining the National Strategy". The article looks at what could be a disturbing development, that Experts in nanotoxicity and risk assessment have become increasingly polarized, represented on one side by the National Research Council (NRC) and … Continue Reading

Carbon Nanotubes

The April issue of Environmental Health Perspectives carries a short article summarizing a seminar at the 2009 AAAS Annual Meeting titled "Driving Beyond Our Nano-Headlights?". In the summary, there is a brief reference to work done by Vanesa Sanchez, a graduate student at Brown University. The results of her experiment are rather alarming. Ms. Sanchez work … Continue Reading

A Nano-Mesothelioma False Alarm

For those who are interested, below is the abstract of our new article published in the Fall edition of Nanotechnology Law & Business.   You can find the full edition here:   A Nano-Mesothelioma False Alarm In May 2008, a scientific study (the “Poland Study”) was published in Nature Nanotechnology—which sparked a rash of popular … Continue Reading

“nano” The Magazine for Small Science

Our readers might be interested in this month’s edition of nano magazine which features a short article entitled "Asbestos Repeated? Assessing Risk in Nanotube Technologies."  The article discusses the recent Poland/Donaldson paper published in nature nanotechnology that has been getting so much attention.  Beyond the article, this much recommended magazine is published in the UK and … Continue Reading

New Lux Nano-EHS Summary

A new Lux Research quarterly report — "Nanomaterials State of the Market Q3 2008: Stealth Success, Broad Impact" — contains a section summarizing the state of nano-related environmental, health, and safety issues in the United States. The report contains a very helpful time-line of key nano-related EHS events occurring between the fourth quarter of 2007 … Continue Reading

REACH and Labor Unions

Labor unions in Europe have called for stricter regulation of nanomaterials under the EU’s REACH regulations of chemicals.  The unions are concerned about the protection of worker safety throughout the life cycle of nanomaterials.… Continue Reading

Media Rips Carbon Nanotubes

There have been a number of articles published since May 20 regarding a possible link between carbon nanotubes and the development of precursors of mesothelioma because of a recent letter published in Nature Nanotechnology. C. Poland, et al., "Carbon nanotubes introduced into the abdominal cavity of mice show asbestos-like pathology in a pilot study," Nature Nanotechnology, May 20, … Continue Reading