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Australia Considers Proposal for Nano-Regulatory Reform

This article was written by John C. Monica, Jr. and Dr. Diana Bowman and originally appeared on the National Nanomanufacturing Network’s InterNano website earlier today.  It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. Dr. Bowman is a Senior Research Fellow in the School for Population Health at the University of Melbourne and a Visiting … Continue Reading

International Approaches to the Regulatory Governance of Nanotechnology

"How have Canada and other jurisdictions reacted to the recent emergence of nanotechnology-based products in the marketplace (and what is the current state of affairs)?" That was the question that the Carlton University Regulatory Governance Initiative posed. To answer it, Jennifer Pelley and Marc Saner produced "International Approaches to the Regulatory Governance of Nanotechnology", which … Continue Reading

Uproar among the molecules

This recently published article begins with the assistant secretary of the ACTU, Geoff Fary, once again raising the shadow of asbestos and calling for the Australian government to issue regulations. To its credit, the article does move beyond Mr. Fary’s attempt to create an atmosphere of fear, giving space for other voices to be heard calling … Continue Reading

Australian Occupational Health and Safety Attorney Warns of Potential Nano-EHS “Epidemic”

A high-profile occupational health and safety attorney was interviewed yesterday on ABC Local Radio in Australia regarding potential workplace safety risks accompanying exposure to certain nanoscale materials in some circumstances. The reporter conducting the interview evidently led off the radio report by stating that "[t]o one of the nation’s leading work safety lawyers, the nanotechnology … Continue Reading