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“Nano Risk Governance: Current Developments and Future Perspectives”

Nanotechnology Law & Business just published its new edition.  For those who might be interested, Volume 6.2 contains an article I co-authored with several nano-friends entitled: "Nano Risk Governance: Current Developments and Future Perspectives."  You can find the article here.  An abstract follows. As with many new technologies, developing a framework for making risk management … Continue Reading

International Approaches to the Regulatory Governance of Nanotechnology

"How have Canada and other jurisdictions reacted to the recent emergence of nanotechnology-based products in the marketplace (and what is the current state of affairs)?" That was the question that the Carlton University Regulatory Governance Initiative posed. To answer it, Jennifer Pelley and Marc Saner produced "International Approaches to the Regulatory Governance of Nanotechnology", which … Continue Reading

UPDATE: Canada Regulation of Nano

Updating yesterday’s information that Canada anticipates enacting national regulation concerning the reporting and tracking of nanomaterials, there is some additional confirmation.  CBC News is similarly reporting that Environment Canada anticipates enacting a national reporting regulation next month.  While Environment Canada is not commenting directly on the news, CBC states, "Department officials said the plan is to … Continue Reading

National Nanotechnology Regulation in Canada?

The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, via Nanowerk, is reporting that Canada will announce, in February, that it will release a national regulation aimed at requiring the submission of the "use of engineered nanomaterials" by manufacturers and users.  "The information gathered under the requirement will be used to evaluate the risks of engineered nanomaterials and will help … Continue Reading

Discussion Paper for Canadian Nanotechnology Policy

One March 16, 2007, the Canadian Institute of Environmental Law and Policy conducted a one-day symposium on policy considerations related to nanotechnology.  The Institute recently released a discussion paper summarizing the thoughts concerning nanotechnology regulation in Canada.  The paper identifies those areas that the Institute believes will help drive a nanotechnology policy framework.… Continue Reading