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Flight of the Nanobees

In an earlier posting, we discussed the advances in the treatment of cancer by nanomedicine. A recent article by Neelesh R. Soman and other researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and published online by the Journal of Clinical investigation describes and discusses what the authors refer to as a new paradigm … Continue Reading

Targeting Tumors

Many of us, at sometime or another, have lost a friend, a colleague, a loved or a family member to some form of cancer. Many of us have experienced first hand the limits of surgery leaving behind tumor cells or chemotherapy or radiation therapy, which kill the cancer cells while weakening a patients immune system, leaving … Continue Reading

PDF of “A Nano-Mesothelioma False Alarm”

Nanotechnology Law and Business was kind enough to let us post a PDF of "A Nano-Mesothelioma False Alarm" here after several readers requested a copy.  Please be sure to visit the journal to see the rest of this issue’s articles: Grading of Fullerene Nanotubes for Composite Applications Next Generation Carbon Fiber Patenting Graphene: Opportunities and Challenges … Continue Reading