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NIOSH Scientists Conduct Pulmonary Exposure Study

Nine NIOSH researchers in West Virginia recently published a study regarding the potential cardiovascular effects of pulmonary exposure to SWCNTs. In the study, mice were exposed to SWCNTs by intrapharyngeal instillation. The mice showed oxidative stress in lung, aorta, and heart tissues seven days after exposure, which declined to control levels within 28 days. They … Continue Reading

Carbon Nanotubes Can “Swim”

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) have discovered that multi walled carbon nanotubes will remain suspended in water for a month or longer when combined with other organic materials.  The January issue of the journal Environmental Science & Technology , will fully report the findings by Assistant Professor Jaehong Kim, Professor Joseph Hughes, … Continue Reading

Texas In Vivo Study to Indicate No Immediate Adverse Heath Effects From Carbon Nanotubes in Bloodstream

The December 4, 2006 on-line edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is set  to publish findings from a recent in vivo animal study researching the possible health effects of SWCNTs deliberately injected into the bloodstream.  Scientists at Rice University and the University of Texas are said to have found that carbon nanotubes are … Continue Reading