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Nanoparticles Used as a Topical Drug Delivery Device

Pharmos Corporation recently announced the completion of its first round of testing of a topical cream used as a drug delivery device for an anti-inflammatory drug. Pharmos stated the test data indicated there were no “severe or serious adverse events” and that the “formulation was safe and well tolerated” in human test subjects. Pharmos applauded … Continue Reading

Expert Says FDA Should Ensure Capacity to Address Nanoapplications

In a recent presentation to FDA, David Rejeski, Director of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, stated “there are currently 130 nano-based drugs and delivery systems and 125 biomedical devices in preclinical, clinical or commercial development.”  Of these, Rejeski identified 77 cancer-related drugs and 56 drug delivery applications.  Rejek also stated that the … Continue Reading