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ABA Program on Nano Governance

Presenting what looks to be a very interesting line-up of top-rate speakers, the American Bar Association’s Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources (Pesticides, Chemical Regulation, and Right-to-Know Committee) is presenting a webinar on January 27, 2011: Nano Governance: The Current State of Federal, State, and International Regulation Here is a summary of the webinar from … Continue Reading

New Nano-specific Regulations Forthcoming from U.S. EPA

This article originally appeared on the National Nanomanufacturing Network’s InterNano website. It is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported. In its ongoing efforts to guard against potential unintended environmental, health, or safety injuries related to possible exposure to certain nanoscale materials, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to issue three new proposed nano-specific … Continue Reading

Nanotechnology Insurance Issues

For anyone who might be interested, I will be speaking on nano-related insurance issues at the opening plenary of the National Nanotechnology Initiative’s upcoming Oct. 6 -7 conference and workshop on Nanomaterials and the Environment & Instrumentation.  The draft agenda for the conference can be found here, and the plenary is also supposed to be broadcast … Continue Reading

Spheres of Influence

The April issue of Environmental Health Perspectives carried an interesting article by Charles W. Schmidt,  "Nanotechnology Related Environment, Health, and Safety Research: Examining the National Strategy". The article looks at what could be a disturbing development, that Experts in nanotoxicity and risk assessment have become increasingly polarized, represented on one side by the National Research Council (NRC) and … Continue Reading

Nanotechnology Standards for Health, Safety, and Environmental Factors

This Article Was Authored and Contributed by the American National Standards Intititute This second article in a series on nanotechnology standardization introduces the international working group that, under US leadership, is creating the standards needed to support the health, safety, and environmental aspects of nanotechnology. In the post-war era of the late 1940s, global leaders … Continue Reading

New Report: Nanotechnologies for Energy and the Environment

Research and Market recently announced the publication of a new report addressing environmental uses and applications of nanomaterials.  The report covers many applications, environmental media, and toxicology, and, "describes nanotechnologies, nanomaterials, nanotechnology companies, universities and research centers related to nanotechnologies for new environmental technologies.  Areas covered by are leading edge research in emission reduction, environmental remediation … Continue Reading

Environmental Benefits of Nanotechnology

A recent article by Nanowerk highlights the sometimes overlooked environmental benefits that nanotechnology may provide.  While much focused is placed on the environmental, health, and safety impacts that free nanomaterials may create, very little mainstream discussion concerns the benefits that are being researched.… Continue Reading

Summary — ABA Nanotechnology Seminar

AUTHORED BY ANDREW BERGMAN On October 27, 2006, the ABA Section on Environment, Energy and Resources sponsored a teleconference on the science of nanotechnology.  The speakers were Kristen Kulinowski, Ph.D., from Rice University, and John Balbus, M.D., from Environmental Defense, and the moderator was Sunil Garg, Ph.D., Esq., from the Ecoshelf Group. Kulinowski described nanotechnology … Continue Reading