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Environmental Defense and NMSP

The advocacy group Environmental Defense Fund recently issued a press release declaring that all the data submitted to the EPA under the voluntary Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program is entering a "black hole."  However, this conclusion is premature at best, and sector damaging at worst.… Continue Reading

First NMSP Submission

DuPont made the first submission under EPA newly rolled-out Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program.  The company submitted data related to its "Light Stabilizer 210" product, and transmitted the data to EPA on February 1.… Continue Reading

Joint Risk Assessment Between DuPont and Environmental Defense

Pesticide & Toxic Chemical News reports that chemical manufacturer DuPont and the nonprofit organization Environmental Defense are developing a joint framework for risk assessment of nanomaterials.  The framework itself is for "the responsible development, production, use and disposal of nano-scale materials that identifies, manages, and reduces potential risks across all lifecycle phases."… Continue Reading