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Our friends at will now be publishing summaries of select nanolawreport blogs in Polish.  Here’s an example:   NOWOSCI The Nanotechnology Education Act  Pełny artykuł zamieszczony  1 lutego, 2010, w Nanotechnology Law Report przez Robert Oszakiewski : 06.03.2010. Streszczenie i tłumaczenie: Ewa Lockard Końcem stycznia 2010, dwóch kongresmanów amerykańskich: David Wu i Daniel … Continue Reading

Texas In Vivo Study to Indicate No Immediate Adverse Heath Effects From Carbon Nanotubes in Bloodstream

The December 4, 2006 on-line edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is set  to publish findings from a recent in vivo animal study researching the possible health effects of SWCNTs deliberately injected into the bloodstream.  Scientists at Rice University and the University of Texas are said to have found that carbon nanotubes are … Continue Reading

Nanotechnology Law Report: The Week In Review

Ed. note: every Friday (more or less) Nanotechnology Law Report’s David Fischer will look back at the week’s news and analysis of nano related issues.  If you have something you’d like to bring to our attention, email him. reports on a prototype nanoknife that could be used to cut and study cells more precisely. The National … Continue Reading