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An Industry-Driven Approach to EHS Issues

My new Nanotechnology Law & Business article — "An Industry Driven Approach to EHS Issues: ‘The NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon’" — can be found here.  The abstract follows.

The NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon (NCC) is an industry-driven group formed to proactively address potential environmental, health, safety, and regulatory concerns related to the commercia-lization of its members’ nanoscale carbon products. NCC was formed to take advantage of an offer by the EPA for a consortium of companies to providing testing regarding carbon nanotube toxicity. This article provides background on NCC’s activities, purpose, and goals.…

Nanoscale Carbon: In Vivo Tox Bibliography

The NanoSafety Consortium for Carbon has recently posted a bibliography of in vivo tox studies on its website.  The bibliography is (obviously) a work in progress.  We would greatly appreciate it if our readers would bring to our attention any pertinent articles that are not already on the bibliography.  The articles will be used to inform and guide our attempt in crafting a representative toxicity testing regime with US EPA.  Many thanks in advance for your input.…

Nanosafety in Uncertain Times

The International Association of Nanotechnology (IANT), a non-profit organization established with the goals of fostering research and business development in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, is sponsoring a talk and discussion on "Nanosafety in Uncertain Times"  on October 21, from 5:30PM -7:30 PM in San Jose California. The featured speaker will be John Monica Jr, a partner in Porter Wright Morris & Arthur’s DC office. The focus of the evening’s talk will be on AB-289, passed by the California State legislature during the 2005-2006 session and chaptered as Chapter 699. Chapter 699 added sections 57018, 57019, and 57020 to California’s Health and Safety Code. While the talk and discussion are geared towards the CEOs, risk management personnel, compliance officers and safety officers of nanotech companies, anyone who wants to find out more about nanotech regulation is welcome to attend.  To register for this event, please go here.