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Nanotechnology Regulation: Various Items

It’s amazing how items accumulate in an in-box when you’ve been out of town.  Such is the case here.  Several articles and other items of interest have come to my attention, but posting them here has been difficult lately.  With that, here are some regulatory items that may be of interest to readers:… Continue Reading

Registration of Carbon Nanoscale Materials Required Under REACH

The EC’s 2006 Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Registration of Chemicals ("REACH") regulations place "the responsibility for the management of the risks of [chemical] substances with. . .[the companies that] manufacture, import, place on the market or use [the] substances in the context of their professional activities."  Guidance on Registration, Guidance for the Implementation of REACH, European … Continue Reading

REACH and Labor Unions

Labor unions in Europe have called for stricter regulation of nanomaterials under the EU’s REACH regulations of chemicals.  The unions are concerned about the protection of worker safety throughout the life cycle of nanomaterials.… Continue Reading

More from Europe and REACH

Last week we told you about the just-opened REACH pre-registrations here.  Now, the news from across the pond tells us that carbon and graphite are to be specifically included in the REACH submissions.… Continue Reading