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Unidym Press Release

UNIDYM ANNOUNCES ALLIANCE WITH SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Sunnyvale, CA – December 8, 2010 – Unidym, Inc., a majority owned subsidiary of Arrowhead Research Corporation (NASDAQ: ARWR), announced today that it has completed IP cooperation and license agreements with Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Samsung"). Under the agreements: 1. Unidym licensed to Samsung patents covering CNT materials, including … Continue Reading

Environmental Pollution from Nanosilver Socks?

A recent study by two Arizona State University researchers found that socks made of fabric incorporating nanoscale silver may potentially release that silver into wash-water. T. Benn, et al., "Nanoparticle Silver Release into Water from Commercially Available Sock Fabrics," Environmental Science & Technology, Vol. 42, at 4133-4139 (2008). Why put silver in your socks?  Because it … Continue Reading