By Tim Cahill:

A recently released study entitled Nanotechnology in Health Care to 2011 from Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry research firm, reports that demand for nanotechnology medical products will increase over 17 percent per year to $53 billion in 2011 and then to more than $110 billion in 2016. The study predicts that the greatest short-term impact will be the development of nanotechnology medical products related to cancer and central nervous system disorders as well as orthopedic nanoimplants.

The report also states: "the critical need for new or improved therapies for many medical conditions will promote the adaptation of nanotechnology to an expanding number of pharmaceuticals. The total market for nanomedicines will command strong growth over the long term. Treatments based on humanized monoclonal antibodies, nanopolymers and nanoproteins will drive gains, with compounds for cancer, heart diseases, neurological disorders and viral infections leading new product introductions and growth opportunities."