While this is just a guess, you may see the "Nobel Prize in Nanotechnology" very soon.  Here’s what we know:

The Nobel Charitable Trust recently announced it is creating a new Nobel Prize for the first time in 40 years.  The last, and technically unofficial, Prize created was in 1968 as the Nobel Prize in Economics.  While noteworthy in and of itself, it is the place and time of the announcement that is particularly interesting for the nanotechnology community.  You see, the Trust plans to announce the area for the new Prize at nanoTX’07 on October 2, 2007.  Dr. Michael Nobel will represent the Nobel family and Trust to reveal the new Prize.

Although pure speculation on this author’s part, I find myself asking, does it make sense to announce a new Prize in an area other than nanotechnology and one of the largest nanotechnology conferences?  We’ll all have to tune in on October 2 for the answer, but in the meantime doesn’t "Nobel Prize in Nanotechnology" have a nice ring to it?