A few weeks ago I was intrigued (maybe excited?) about the prospect of a new Nobel Prize in Nanotechnology.   Well, as it turns out, my excitement may have been premature.

Yesterday, the organizers of nanoTX’07 severed all ties with Michael Nobel, the individual who was to make the announcement of the new prize at the upcoming nanotechnology conference.  The Nobel Family Society and Nobel Prize Foundation objected to Mr. Nobel’s announcement of the "Dr. Michael Nobel Prize" as a "clear misuse of the reputation" of the Nobel Prize.  Consequently, nanoTX’07 cut ties with Dr. Nobel, who will now not appear at the conference, and no new prize will be announced.

While the actions taken by both the Nobel Prize Foundation and nanoTX’07 are understandable, it is still disappointing that no new Prize is forthcmoning.  The Dr. Michael Nobel Award was to be in the field of "energy solutions," which not only seems to be tailor made for nanotechnology research and advancements, but could address a wider range of research that is important in light of global warming and other energy cost concerns.

But fear not, those researching nanotechnology are still eligible for Nobel prizes, through the traditional routes of physics and chemistry.  As nanotechnology continues to grow and develop, I am confident we will see continued recognition of nanotechnology by the Nobel Prize.

Thanks to Barnaby Feder for bringing this development to my attention.