If there was any left who actually wondered if this "nanotech" thing was just a passing fad, check out Lux Research’s newest release: The Nanotech Report, 5th Edition.  In this report, comprising 500+ pages over two volumes, Lux provides an overview of the status of nanotechnology as an industry.

In addition to delving into financial impacts of nanotechnology ($11.8 billion in domestic funding, $50 billion in product sales, and $699 million in venture capitalist funding), the Report also profiles 121 nanotech based companies and outlines foreign investment and work in nanotech.  Other examinations include:

  • Government funding: Government nanotechnology funding worldwide spanning more than 40 countries
  • Corporate R&D spending: Nanotech corporate R&D spending by country and sector with key programs at Fortune 1,000 giants
  • Environment, health, and safety issues: Comprehensive data on nanotech EHS publications, analysis of worldwide nanotech EHS regulation and pending regulation, plus a framework for addressing nanotech EHS risks
  • Venture capital: Analysis of every VC deal ever closed by country, sector, year, and sponsoring VCs from 1989 through 2006
  • 20-year patent study: Analysis of more than 4,995 nanotech patents, more than 103,000 claims

If you are looking for a single source review of the nanotechnology industry, Lux seems to have created that product.  Additional information on the report, including how to obtain a copy, can be found here.