Because its Friday, and I just got back from an extended trip, I’m probably not a serious as I should be today (the caffeine is probably part of the equation too).  However, imagine my surprise this morning when I read about a company called "Nano Pet Products, LLC."  It didn’t take long, but nano seems to have gone to the dogs.

Nano Pet Products is marketing a line of dog beds and apparel touted as "the most technologically advanced dog bed on the market. Using the performance fabric finishes NanoSphere® and ActiveSilver®, these beds stay clean and kill bacteria naturally, standing up to the wear and tear of the most active dog."  The "Dog Gone Smart Bed" and "Dog Gone Smart Wear" is being debuted at the Global Pet Expo in San Diego, wrapping up today.

There is no further information available on what "NanoSphere" or "ActiveSilver" is other than both are "based on nanotechnology."  Does this mean we should add our pets to the list of "family" members we should be concerned about exposing nanotechnology to (much like nano-based sunscreens?).  As you can see, my dog Simon loves his bed, nanotechnology or not, so maybe these guys are onto something?