The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) was created in 1927 and claims to represent the interests of 2 million workers. The ACTU published a Fact Sheet earlier this month explaining why its members are (or should be) concerned about nanotechnology. The ACTU begins by highlighting the asbestos/carbon nanotube analogy featured in the Donaldson article appearing in Nature Nanotechnology last summer (which we previously addressed here), as well as other studies regarding possible translocation concerns.  The ACTU’s main point is that existing regulations are insufficient:  “Regulators…rely on regulations that weren’t designed to protect workers against nano sized materials.”   Among other recommendations, the ACTU calls for the treatment of all nanoscale chemicals as “new chemicals” under Australia’s equivalent to the Toxic Substances Control Act, mandatory product labeling, establishment of a country-wide nanoscale material manufacturer registry, creation of new nano-specific exposure standards, and nano-worker health monitoring.