It’s almost a bit of a cliche now to say that nanotechnology is a growth field, ever expanding it’s presence in government, academia and business.

With the release yesterday by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN) of an updated version of the Nano Metro Map, we can see that there is a good deal of truth to the cliche. The map shows the metro areas with the largest concentrations of nanoindustries,  universities, research institutes, organizations, and government agencies involved in various areas of nanotechnology.

While the map shows that California and the New England – New York region dominating, with the Research Triangle area of the Carolinas and Texas as 3rd and 4th in rank, what it also shows is the presence in all the continental states, (Alaska and Hawaii are not shown on the map), of at least one research facility, nanoindustry, etc. Nanotechnology has spread from the California and New England regions to become a national presence.

The map will be updated as PEN receives and analyzes more data.