New Edition of Nanotechnology Law Report

Inside you will find:

  • EPA Considering New Approach to Nanoscale Materials Under TSCA
  • EPA May Issue Mandatory Data Collection Rule for Nanoscale Materials Under TSCA
  • EPA Takes Aim at Antimicrobial Products Under FIFRA
  • EPA Unveils New Principles for Chemical Management Reform
  • EPA Report on the Use of Nanoscale TiO2 in Water and Sunscreens
  • EPA Withdraws Carbon Nanotube SNURs
  • Press Release: New Contributing Editor for InterNano
  • Virginia CLE presentation: “Insurance, Nanotechnology, and Risk”
  • Nanoparticles and Deaths in the People’s Republic
  • Sweating the Small Stuff
  • Soil Association Cites China Deaths in Renewed Call for Moratorium on Nanotechnology Commercialization
  • Nanotechnology Legislation in the 111th Congress
  • Mapping Nano
  • Flight of the Nanobees