The UK’s Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network recently published the above entitled directory (due to copyright restrictions, we cannot provide a link to the directory itself. Here is a link to the page on the NanoKTN site where the directory can be accessed; registration is required).

The directory lists 32 organizations, ranging from businesses to universities to government agencies. Each organization has a one page entry, giving the name of the business, government agency, etc, a brick and mortar physical address, website, phone numbers, general e-mail address, the name of a contact person, that person’s specific e-mail address, legal status (private limited company, government agency, etc), a description of what the organization does, and which markets it focuses on.

Although relatively small at 32 organizations – which may be due to the information being drawn from publicly available sources of information – the directory is a well put together and well researched guide that should be of great use to the British nanocommunity and to multi-national nanoindustries that would need to know who to contact for testing their products and whom at government agencies they would need to contact and smooze with to get their products into the UK market.

The directory could also serve as a model for similar directories for the EU and the US.