The Nanodermatology Society ("NDA" or "the society"), an organization of doctors, scientists, and researchers, was founded with the mission to "promote a greater understanding of the scientific and medical aspects of nanotechnology in skin health and disease." The society recently addressed concerns about the use of nano materials to formulate nanoparticulate titanium dioxide and zinc for use in sunscreen. These ingredients are already common ingredients in sunscreens in their traditional forms. Upon a rigorous review of scientific literature and the latest safety data, the NDS reported in a position statement that the use of these nano materials in sunscreen was safe.  The statement noted that "[s]tudies of newer sunscreens [formulated with nanoparticles] show that they are either coated to minimize reactivity, clump in aggregates, or do not penetrate the skin." Other organizations have claimed that nano-based sunscreens are unsafe. NDS hopes that its position statement "[a]s the first of its kind to be released by a scientific society" will encourage more research in the nanotechnology arena.


The full text of the statement is available at