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The Internet revolution — new gTLD update

Since our last blog post, the total number of domain name registrations among all new gTLDs has reached 1,414,766. There has been little movement this week on the leader board. The leaders are: Number New domain Total registrations 1 .xyz 250,731 2 .berlin 136,703 3 .club 78,767 4 .guru 64,123 5 .photography 39,868 6 .email … Continue Reading

The Redskins trademark decision — great media interest, overhyped reaction

The June 18, 2014, decision of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) cancelling six federal trademark registrations for trademarks used by the Washington Redskins professional football team has received substantial media coverage and generated great interest among the public. The impact of the decision has been widely misstated in … Continue Reading

New gTLDs revive the Internet’s Wild West tendencies…

No one is safe In light of Memorial Day weekend, the new gTLD .democrat entered general availability earlier this week. Registrants have been acquiring second-level .democrat domain names since the gTLD’s landrush period began April 17. Rightside, the registry offering the gTLD, does not have any protection mechanisms designed to protect the names of politicians … Continue Reading

Keeping up with the dot-anythings

For the past several weeks, we’ve been working hard to keep our readers apprised of developments related to The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ new generic top-level domain (gTLD) program. This program, which is essentially redefining the face of the Internet, is likely to impact any business — or, indeed, any entity — … Continue Reading

A donut for everyone, just in time for swimsuit season

The new gTLD giant, Donuts, Inc., is the world’s largest registry for new generic top level domains, applying for more than 300 new gTLDs during ICANN’s application phase. (Read the full list of Donuts, Inc.’s applications.) According to the company’s schedule, more than 100 new gTLDs will have launched by the end of May. Registrations … Continue Reading

gTLD weekly update: April 25, 2014

The sun sets on several new gTLDs The Sunrise period has ended, or will by the end of April, for the new gTLDs listed below. gTLD Sunrise Opens Sunrise Closes .watch 02/25/14 04/26/14 .cool 02/25014 04/26/14 .social 02/25/14 04/28/14 .futbol 02/26/14 04/28/14 .reviews 02/26/14 04/28/14 .wien 02/11/14 04/30/14 After Sunrise, gTLDs enter a Landrush period … Continue Reading

gTLD weekly update: .nyc is ready for salida del sol, are you?

The sun sets on several new gTLDs The Sunrise period has ended, or will by Monday, for the new gTLDs listed below. gTLD Sunrise Opens Sunrise Closes .red 03/11/14 04/11/14 .kim 03/11/14 04/11/14 .shiksha 03/11/14 04/11/14 .pink 03/11/14 04/11/14 .farm 02/11/14 04/12/14 .viajes 02/11/14 04/14/14 .codes 02/11/14 04/14/14 .blue 03/14/14 04/13/14 .wed 03/17/14 04/18/14 .zone … Continue Reading

Another sunrise, another new beginning. New gTLDs delegated and set to launch; are you ready?

New to the delegation pool ICANN delegates new gTLDs daily, which keeps trademark owners on their toes. Since our last blog article, new gTLD delegations include: .gop .ryukya .yokohama .rest .saarland .consulting .vodka .haus .cooking .moe .rodeo .country .商城(xn--czru2d) – Chinese for “mall” .horse .fishing .vegas .miami .archi .black .ren .meet .sohu The most recent … Continue Reading

“You, you, and you: Panic. The rest of you: Come with me.” – It’s time for trademark owners to arm themselves against the dot’s new friends.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced this week at ICANN 49 Singapore that the number of new generic top levels domains (gTLDs) that have been “delegated” — i.e., designated as ready for launch — now tops 175. Recently delegated gTLDs include: .london  .nyc .cologne  .trade  . 世界 (Chinese for “world/shijie”)  .bid … Continue Reading

The next big fight: 3D printing and intellectual property

Its time for our ink jet printers to move aside and begin to collect dust because there is a new kid in town: 3D printers. 3D printers are not technically “new” technology; they have been used by engineers since the 1980s. However, they are new to everyday consumers, and they threaten to become mainstream in … Continue Reading

Dawn of a new Internet — mechanisms to protect your brand

Many people have not yet heard or may not understand, but the Internet will expand vastly and quickly beyond the familiar .com, .org, and .edu top level domain names. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) launched an initiative in 2008 to enable the introduction of new generic topic level domains (gTLDs). The … Continue Reading

China’s new trademark law

China has passed a new trademark law that becomes effective May 1, 2014. The new law includes: A requirement that trademarks shall be registered and used “by the principle of honesty and credibility;” Some important changes to the trademark application and appeal processes; and As discussed here, several notable provisions designed to improve trademark enforcement … Continue Reading

Revised filing fees for Europe should be in place by early 2014

The ability to register a trademark in the member countries of the European Union (currently 30) in a single application has been available under the Community Trademark system (CTM) since the mid-1990’s. The basic fee (900€, currently about $1,215US) for filing a CTM covers the cost of filing in up to three classes.1 The European … Continue Reading

Arbitrator did not exceed his powers by awarding perpetual license in all intellectual property rights for video game

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that an arbitrator did not exceed his powers when he expanded an eight-year license to use a video game’s trademarks into a perpetual license to use all the intellectual property rights associated with the game. See Timegate Studios, Inc. v. Southpeak Interactive, L.L.C., ___ F.3d ___, 2013 … Continue Reading

Hong Kong website can continue selling alleged counterfeit fashion apparel after court declines to exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction under Lanham Act

A court in the Southern District of New York enjoined the defendants from selling fashion apparel in the United States that allegedly infringed the plaintiff’s trademarks, but it declined to exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction to stop the defendants from using their Hong Kong website to continue selling the same apparel to the rest of the world. … Continue Reading