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Texas In Vivo Study to Indicate No Immediate Adverse Heath Effects From Carbon Nanotubes in Bloodstream

The December 4, 2006 on-line edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is set  to publish findings from a recent in vivo animal study researching the possible health effects of SWCNTs deliberately injected into the bloodstream.  Scientists at Rice University and the University of Texas are said to have found that carbon nanotubes are … Continue Reading

Inhalation Toxicology Publishes New Nanoparticle Study

A recent paper published in Inhalation Toxicology suggests that reliance on ultrafine particle inhalation animal studies for nanoparticle health and safety purposes may be appropriate due to the lack of existing studies on nanoengineered particles.  The article referenced several existing health and safety studies concerning nanoparticles, and noted their sometimes differing and conflicting conclusions.  Specifically, the … Continue Reading