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Progress in the Commercialization of Graphene

European Plastics News posted an article on it’s site last week,("Graphene developers seek routes out of the lab"), focusing on challenges to and progress in the commercialization of graphene, specifically its "potential as a mutlifunctional reinforcement in composites". Among the challenges the article raises are: 1) Entangling of 3D carbon nanotubes (CNTS) bundles 2) Individual graphite … Continue Reading

Harry Potter and the Nanocloak of Invisibility

Harry Potter sat quietly at his desk, trying once more to make his way through "The History of Magic" that  Professor Binns had assigned, when Ron Weasley came into his room, excited and out of breath, holding the current issue of The Daily Prophet. "Harry, have you seen  this?" "Seen what", asked Harry, trying to sound slightly … Continue Reading