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Chapter 163, MD Task Force to Study Nanobiotechnology

The General Assembly of Maryland has concluded its annual 90 day session. Among the bills that were passed during this year’s session was House Bill 795, introduced by Delegate Susan C. Lee.  As introduced, HB 795 was to establish a "Task Force to Study Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology", but was amended to focus solely on Nanobiotechnology and was … Continue Reading

New Edition of Nanotechnology Law Report

Here is the Summer 2009 edition of Nanotechnology Law Report.  The newsletter contains the below-listed articles (and more): EPA Issues Significant New Use Rules for Carbon Nanotubes Are Nanoparticles Released by Cutting or Compounding Nano-Composites? Annual Nano TiO2 Production Estimated at 44,000 Metric Tons Are Nano Consumer Products Headed Underground? Oversight of Next Generation Nanotechnology … Continue Reading

Bon appetit

 Friends of the Earth recently posted "Out of the Laboratory and on to Our Plates: Nanotechnology in Food and Agriculture" their website. The report is the product of a committee, something which is obvious not just from the 13 contributors who are identified, but also from the swings in tone throughtout the report, ranging from … Continue Reading

NanoBiotech 2008 Set for September at RPI

Mark your calendar for the one-day conference “NanoBiotech 2008” set for September 15, 2008 which is being co-sponsored by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Troy, NY) and Bawa Biotechnology Consulting LLC (Ashburn, VA).  This is the fifth in a series of international conferences they have conducted dating back to 2003 on the converging areas of nanotechnology and biotechnology.  … Continue Reading