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Our friends at will now be publishing summaries of select nanolawreport blogs in Polish.  Here’s an example:   NOWOSCI The Nanotechnology Education Act  Pełny artykuł zamieszczony  1 lutego, 2010, w Nanotechnology Law Report przez Robert Oszakiewski : 06.03.2010. Streszczenie i tłumaczenie: Ewa Lockard Końcem stycznia 2010, dwóch kongresmanów amerykańskich: David Wu i Daniel … Continue Reading

A Nano-Mesothelioma False Alarm

For those who are interested, below is the abstract of our new article published in the Fall edition of Nanotechnology Law & Business.   You can find the full edition here:   A Nano-Mesothelioma False Alarm In May 2008, a scientific study (the “Poland Study”) was published in Nature Nanotechnology—which sparked a rash of popular … Continue Reading

“nano” The Magazine for Small Science

Our readers might be interested in this month’s edition of nano magazine which features a short article entitled "Asbestos Repeated? Assessing Risk in Nanotube Technologies."  The article discusses the recent Poland/Donaldson paper published in nature nanotechnology that has been getting so much attention.  Beyond the article, this much recommended magazine is published in the UK and … Continue Reading

Media Rips Carbon Nanotubes

There have been a number of articles published since May 20 regarding a possible link between carbon nanotubes and the development of precursors of mesothelioma because of a recent letter published in Nature Nanotechnology. C. Poland, et al., "Carbon nanotubes introduced into the abdominal cavity of mice show asbestos-like pathology in a pilot study," Nature Nanotechnology, May 20, … Continue Reading