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OECD Revises Guidance on Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials

The Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (“WPMN”) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (“OECD”) has revised its nanomaterial testing guidance document, first published in 2009 to support nanotechnology safety in the industry. The guidance manual was conceived primarily to assist sponsors of the OECD Sponsorship Programme for the Testing of Manufactured Nanomaterials, who … Continue Reading

Nanotechnology Regulation: Various Items

It’s amazing how items accumulate in an in-box when you’ve been out of town.  Such is the case here.  Several articles and other items of interest have come to my attention, but posting them here has been difficult lately.  With that, here are some regulatory items that may be of interest to readers:… Continue Reading


Book Chapter: A Nanotechnology Legal Framework in Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety: Risks, Regulation and Management (Elsevier 2009) "Examples of Recent EPA Regulation of Nanoscale Materials Under the Toxic Substances Control Act," Nanotechnology Law & Business, Oct. 2009 Book: Nanotechnology Law (West 2009) "Nano Risk Governance: Current Developments and Future Perspectives," Nanotechnology Law & Business, … Continue Reading